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Mammography uses high powered x-rays to produce images of anatomical changes in breast tissue. The x-ray radiation used is the very element that increases risk of cancer, which is what the procedure is trying to detect. It is not an early detection procedure since the tumor must already be present and growing for 8-10 years before it can be dense enough to be detected by mammography. Therefore, more drastic treatments such as radiation, breast removal, and chemotherapy is often the result. Mammography can be up to 89% inaccurate leading to unnecessary procedures as well as emotional and physical trauma. It is considered by many as ncomfortable due to significant breast compression during the procedure.

Thermography was approved by the FDA as an adjunct diagnostic tool to mammography in 1982. It uses infrared rays that convert body heat and blood flow to images that can be interpreted as figures. A thermal camera is used to measure subtle physiological, temperature differences in infrared heat emission in abnormal cell activity from tumors, infections, cysts or inflammation in the breast tissue that can exist prior to actual tumor growth. Thermography is a non-invasive imaging procedure with
no exposure to harmful radiation or uncomfortable compression. It provides early detection of changes that can allow for proactive preventative care such as diet and lifestyle changes.

Alone, no test is conclusive enough for a
complete diagnosis. There are cases of
false positives in both tests, so they
should assist one another.


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