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It’s not necessarily something you want to do in front of your significant other, but neti-ing, like flossing, is a two-minute -a-day habit that quickly becomes second nature. Once you start, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

If the practice seems weird or mysterious, here’s all it is: You put a tiny spoonful of noniodized salt in the pot (the spoon included with the neti salts, or you can get premeasured packets), fill the pot with warm distilled water, and pour the water into one nostril. Tilting your head just so you’re able to direct the water out the opposite nostril as you pour. Gently blow your nose, then do the other side. You’ll breathe more easily, find that colds don’t last as long, and lighten the impact of seasonal allergies.

Watch a video online for technique. You’ll have it down in no time.

Taken from: The New Health Rules
by Frank Lipman, MD & Danielle Claro


October 2016

Embrace the Neti Pot


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