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After sugar, gluten is the biggest energy drain. Most of us lack the enzyme that breaks it down, so it has the effect of making us feel vaguely (or for some people, extremely) unwell and tired. Your immune system fights it as if it is a foreign substance, and that is exhausting. Sensitivity to gluten falls along a spectrum. Most people are mildly sensitive and some are highly sensitive. People with Celiac Disease, which damages the small intestine, cannot tolerate gluten at all. If you have unexplained stomachaches after eating foods like bread and pasta, you’re probably very sensitive to gluten (eating bread and pasta does not make a lot of sense anyway since they are not nutritious). As for packaged gluten-free products, skip them— most are full of processed starchesthat are bad for your body in other ways.

Taken from: The New Health Rules
by Frank Lipman, MD & Danielle Claro


August 2016

Drop Gluten - Feel Better


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